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Lech Lecha - Marzouk Family

10/11/2013 09:11:26 AM


Lech-Lecha                                                                 Marzouk Family

One does not have to read many words in the parsha in order to raise questions.  In fact, already the fifth and sixth words “lech lecha”(לך-לך) raise an important one. Why the double commanding verb of “lech”? One should be enough. Avram was instructed to leave everything behind; an extremely difficult thing to do. To ask someone to sever ties with all that they know is almost an insurmountable task. This is why Hashem had to reassure him in the next pasuk that he would provide everything for Avram and make him “a great nation”. Rashi further explains that the double commanding is to explain to Avram that this is for his benefit meaning that he would have children, financial help and recognition in the world.    The midrash in Bereishit Rabah says that Avram was worried about who would take care of his father.  It goes on to say that Hashem promised to take care of him.  Only then did Avram agree to go.   We can see from this how concerned Avram was with properly honoring his father despite any other feelings he may have had for him.  In addition it took coaxing and promises to convince him to leave all that he knew and start a new life.  Even though someone is starting a completely new life it is impossible to take everything away and they will always at least still think and recall their parents.  Certain things are impossible to take away and honoring a parent is still paramount.

Avram did not leave all behind, he took with him Sarai, his wife, and Lot, his nephew, and they all went to Cnaan.  Both Lot and Avram had many cattle and livestock and needed a great deal of space for their herds.  There was enough land for both of them, yet Lot’s shepherds felt the need to allow their herds to graze on land that was not theirs.  When Avram’s shepherds discovered this and pointed out their errors, a disagreement ensued.  The disagreement was such that the two herds as well as Avram and Lot had to part ways.   The parting of ways exemplifies that no matter how much space there is; when two people are fighting there is never enough room. 

After Avram and Lot separated, Lot went to Sdom and fell into the negative life of Sdom.  Avram went to rescue him and was involved in the war of the four kings versus the five kings.  Avram and his men were the victor, in said war, thus allowing them to enjoy and take from all the belongings of the losing side.  He refused and only allowed those that were with him to take their rightful portion.  Avram thus showed that his main purpose was only to save Lot and not for personal gain.  Just because one is entitled to something doesn’t mean they should take it if it means that it will mean depriving someone else of theirs.

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