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COVID Reopening Policy 3-3-2022

For the past two years, the Young Israel of Plainview and its Board of Trustees, through the advice of its medical advisors, have taken a cautious approach when it comes to COVID.  Our tactic has been first and foremost to put the safety of our members above all other considerations.
Along those lines we recently shared a reopening plan based on statistics, metrics, mandates and the advice of our medical advisors, as well as the consideration of those in our Shul who still felt particularly vulnerable and were especially concerned for their young children who cannot be vaccinated.  

We are now excited to move forward to the next phase as NYS and local schools continue to update their Covid and masking policies.  We have reached our next milestone and the new Covid Protocols effective today are as follows:

Masking is optional indoors for everyone EXCEPT for those 18+ who are not fully vaccinated.  Anyone 18+ who is not fully vaccinated must remain masked at all times while inside the building.

These guidelines, as they apply to non-fully-vaccinated individuals, have been reviewed by the ritual committee in consultation with our medical advisors and allow for a phased approach - noting that a minimum of a KN95 mask will be required at all times until such time as our medical advisors deem appropriate.
* Note that guests MUST confirm their vaccination status before they are allowed to participate in these shul rituals.
     Allowed - Effective Immediately:

  • daven for the amud from the front of the room (except for children at the end of davening who can continue doing the conclusion of services from the center.)
  • peticha
  •      Allowed - Effective When 7-Day Average for Positive Tests is 1% or Below  (Nassau County):    
  • davening for the amud from the center
  • aliyot, hagbah, galila
  • layning (Torah and Haftorah, megillah...)


Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783