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Updated YIP Covid Policy
as of August 27, 2021

Please note that the situation is extremely fluid.  Thanks to our wonderful medical professionals and tireless board, we continue to closely monitor the situation and do our best to maintain our spiritual and communal health while keeping our members safe.  On a regular basis we will continue to closely monitor new information, data and changing statistics and react accordingly.  Please keep an eye out for further updates which will be provided as needed.

* INDOORS: Masks are REQUIRED for ALL individuals over the age of 2 (both fully vaccinated and not) at all times - per CDC recommendations and in agreement with our Health Advisory Committee.
Note that Ba'alei Tefilah and Ba'alei Kriya must be fully vaccinated and will be allowed to temporarily unmask when up at the bima.

* OUTDOORS: Masks are REQUIRED for non-fully vaccinated individuals over the age of 12.

This policy will be applied as follows:


OUTDOORS: Currently outdoor gatherings where eating/drinking is involved will be limited to smaller groups, generally under 50 people or thereabout.  Each situation will be evaluated for safety on a case by case basis depending on group size, logistics and other health concerns.  Masking rules remain in effect except when eating and we encourage people, even outside, to mask and distance when possible.  As a result of this change in policy, our planned Kiddush Reboot will be postponed until we can comfortably ensure the safety of our members.  We hope everyone continues to feel safe when coming to shul and look forward to seeing you there!

INDOORS:  Due to the rise in cases of the various strains for Covid and difficulty in enforcing rules while eating, we will delay the resumption of indoor kiddushes and continue to monitor the situation.

DAVENING All minyanim will return to full services per Rabbi Weissman’s instructions.

OUTDOORS: Minyan will be held if shul events require additional space and will follow the above guidelines.  We will review the need for an outdoor minyan weekly.

INDOORS: Minyan to follow the above guidelines with the following note:
All participants going up to the bima, including but not limited to Ba’alei Kriya, Ba’alei Tefilah, Gabbaim, rabbis, ushers and those receiving aliyot MUST be fully vaccinated in order to participate.


There will be 3 minyanim, rain or shine – two indoors and one under the
open-walled tent in the courtyard.  Minyan requests will be honored based on seniority.  Rabbi Weissman will split his time between all three.
All masking and davening rules outlined above will apply with the following additional notes:
        * Along with seating request forms, all participants will be required to confirm vaccination status.
       * All attendees, including guests, will be required to follow our masking guidelines per above.
        * We will make every effort to seat people in cohorts to allow for spacing wherever possible.

Fri, October 15 2021 9 Cheshvan 5782